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Your Telecom Equipment Supply House offering Counter Sales to the Trade & Public, from Metro Houston,Texas,Regional & Nationwide Since 1982.

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* THE INTERCONNECT CO., INC. is one of the 1st  Telecom Equipment Supply House with an In-Shop Repair Facility in Houston, Tx., Since 1982. Our Expertise Dates Back to 1978 with a Product Support Engineer Background.
We Serve the Houston Regional Area to Nationwide. Turn-Key Installation and Service is provided to the End -User Public.
We Use Only Qualified Technicians, and No Job is Too Large or Too Small.
*THE INTERCONNECT  has Been a Leader in Repair & Refurbished (Like New) Telecom Equipment as Well as New (Un-Used).
*All Electronic Repairs are Done Right in Our Premise and Done Right the 1st Time with Quality Service That Customers Expect.
*We Buff out your Plastic Housings as Well.
*THE INTERCONNECT  Services the Trade & the Public, Offering Walk-In ,Convenient Counter Sales and Repairs.
We are Always Looking to Purchase Your Used ( Removed from Service ) Telecom Equipment as Well as Consignment.
*We offer a 6 month to 1 Yr Warranty on All Refurbished Equip., Excluding Acts of God, and Customer Negligence.
*THE INTERCONNECT  Works With Many Insurance Companies Providing Incidence of Harm Documentation for Damaged Equip.

Our Purchasing & Sales Staff looks Forward to Handling Your Telecom Needs, Large or Small.

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Richard Diamond - President / CEO